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02 October 2010






Our original concept was for a platform that could support wind turbines.  Following successful trials it was realise that the platform could be used for a multitude of purposes.


As a wind turbines platform we noted there was, internationally, massive offshore development in this area. However, they are all fixed to the sea bed. The maximum depths achievable with fixed turbines are 50m. This confines them to the shallows associated with near shore environments. Shore lines tend to have large populations and associated fishing and recreational boat traffic.


The visual impact of such near shore wind turbines is high and public reaction to them is growing.


We believe there is a demand for less visually intrusive turbines which means that they have to be moved further offshore into deeper water.  Added to this is the fact that there is a massive amount of sea that can support wind turbines. Our concept allows wind turbines to sit in deep water. Located in this depth of water around the British Isles would mean that there is no visual impact to those living on the coast.


With peak oil and climate change issues we also believe there is a requirement to move into the Hydrogen economy for transport.  This we are calling ‘Future Fuel’.


Our wind turbine solution is the answer to all the problems and issues mentioned above.


A further design feature of our turbine is as a direct response to allow all fishing methods to continue in the proposed area of a wind farm. Multi point mooring solutions will not allow this, but our single point mooring is able to allow fishing to continue among the turbines making up a wind farm.


How can we start to incorporate Future Fuel?


In order to genesis this ‘Future Fuel’ from offshore we need to start with a small number of wind turbines.  The gases produced needs to be transportable. So producing bottled Hydrogen and Oxygen will allow us to transport it back to the mainland and avoid the huge cost of laying an electricity cables or gas pipeline.


Producing bottled Hydrogen will require more energy than a straight forward grid connection, but it has the big advantage of effectively storing energy. This could allow a greater penetration of renewables in the economy than 20-30% which is currently the limit.


The long term goal is to either develop wind farms for clients so that they can sell the fuel or to sell the gases direct to customers.  We would like to use large parts of the continental shelf adjacent to highly populated land masses.

Our promotional video above develops the theme of using the platform as wind turbine base and for developing ‘Future Fuel’. Be sure to let us know what you think!



The demand for Hydrogen and Oxygen gases are discussed too.

The next few pages of this section go into detail about the current uses for the gases that we are proposing to produce should we be requested to supply them.

The technology behind using the platform as a base to produce the ‘Future Fuel’ is discussed later on in this section as well.