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02 October 2010






The company was created in 2002 to act as a legal identity for use in communications with stakeholders in a project conceived by FOR’s Director, Mr. Richard Annett.  After selecting a possible site in the Western Approaches, the first few years were used to get the opinions of statutory bodies, the public sector, unions, trade associations and several NPOs concerned with the environment and location.


After this phase and taking into account the responses, a series of Platform concepts were developed based on supporting a basic 2MW wind turbine.  These concepts were taken forward to modelling at 1:100 scale in a combined wind and wave tank built by the company in rented accommodation in Birmingham.  HR Wallingford and Birmingham University had consultancy input into the tank construction and modelling issues.


The physical modelling results were then taken to Atkins Marine Department for a preliminary independent evaluation and the concept was found to be very stable if a little on the conservative side.


West Coast Energy Ltd was engaged as consultants to further the consent process for the prototype full scale platform. 


As well as input from paid sources mentioned above, a lot of input has been obtained from potential equipment suppliers.


The background of the Birmingham born lead consultant running the project is that he is a chartered civil and structural engineer with 26 years of design and site experience gained nationally and internationally. Wind energy courses run by CREST and Imperial College and Marine technology training run by MTEC have been attended to appreciate many of the technical issues. Combined with his MBA this places him as being sufficiently expert to managing the design, construction, commissioning, monitoring and decommissioning of the research models. For those elements of the work beyond the experience of the manager, external consultants and contractors were used.



What is Far Offshore Renewables?


Far Offshore Renewables is a limited liability company. Number 4539084


Financial Status;

FOR is currently active.   All the funding to date has been via a trading company Edgbaston Design Limited.



Historical spending since financial record started at the commencement of the formation of the company is as follows.



Year             Capital Spending           Days Invested   

2003            2,179.13             45       

2004           14,794.58             80            

2005            8,689.02             60            

2006           11,350.65             70           

2007           21,695.43             85           

2008           28,910.03             95           

2009           46,778.82            125           

2010           15,442.96             39           


TOTAL        £134,397.66            599


Figures include VAT.